Creation date: June 12, 2020
Modified date: June 12, 2020
  • Location: United States

Year: 1974
Color: Sahara (006)
Build Date: Good question
Name: Slippery Sahara Slope
Vehicle Status: In Restoration

Bought this car on BaT in April 2019. Flew to Toronto to purchase from a (very good) guy named Graeme who had inherited it from his car collecting paternal grandfather. Imported the car to the US through Buffalo (actually quite easy thanks to that Haggarty article) and drove it to its new home in Decatur, Georgia. Instantly fell for this car. So much fun to drive I smiled all 15 hours of the trip. Car was bone stock but for routine maintenance items (like Bilstein comfort shocks) and a few minor mods made by PO grandfather. Car came with a profoundly detailed ledger itemizing every purchase or repair PO made. Simple mods like an electric fuel pump and electric block heater.

Entire underbody covered in some creosote-like rust prevention grease horror show. Initially thought the coating was quaint, but have grown to despise it. Recently undertook a simple project of replacing suspension bushing and a few motor gaskets.

Well, that is a slippery slope because as I waited for the correct control arms I began to fantasize about a clean engine bay free of all that grease. Next thing I know I’ve borrowed a lift and a stand and I’ve pulled the motor. Then all those pretty IE urethane bushings and freshly painted outer suspension parts looked pitiful attached to the rusted and grease-covered subframe. So I dropped the subframe too. Have cleaned and repainted all parts and took the head to a machine shop to remove a sheared exhaust stud. They found a crack between the #3 combustion and water jacket. So my simple bushing and gasket refresh has evolved into a something completely different.

I’ve never done any significant auto repairs before. Ever. And I m doing all this work without a lift, outside, on my slanted driveway.

And I am loving every minute of it.

I’ve named my knuckleheaded operation Noob Motorsports. Even have a Noob Motorsports shirt!