Creation date: April 16, 2020
Modified date: April 16, 2020
  • Location: United States

Year: 1975
Color: Sienabraun Metalic (009)
Build Date: January 20 1975
Name: Marty
Vehicle Status: Driven

If only these cars could talk! I'm sure I could spend many a day listening to this one recount his life. It is an interesting story (what I know of it). The car was delivered to the then new BMW of North America on April 11 1975 and was shipped to Murray Motor Imports then of Denver Colorado. Murray proceeded to sell the car to a federal employee who resided in Helena Montana where the car was based for the next 45 years. Marty must have loved his e3 a lot because the car remained with him until he died in 2018 and was then sold at his estate sale. For those who are counting, that is 43 years with the original owner! The young fellow who purchased Marty from the estate wasn't a sentimental chap, he got the car running after it had been sitting ~ 15 years and put him up for sale. Not being content with just one Bavaria project, I kept looking at the car and thinking how original it was and how I really had my hands full as it is. Presently a deal was struck and the car now resides in a decidedly non-mountainous clime for the first time in its life. I was excited to see the car in person, what showed up is a time capsule! Original down to the wheels and remarkably rust free, Montana must be a great place to own a classic car, the car has evidently been garaged at least the majority of its life. It runs well and has headers in place of the thermal reactors. It has covered 115,000 miles since new and I would wager could cover 115,000 more if required. Many projects abound but it is a pleasure to have it in the garage next to the Polaris 1974 Bavaria. It is an honor to be their custodian for a time and I hope one day to get this old soldier back towards his former glory.