Creation date: April 16, 2020
  • Location: United States

Year: 1974
Color: Polaris Metalic (060)
Build Date: December 3 1973
Name: The Silver Hornet
Vehicle Status: Driven

I bought this car in early October 2019 from John Margherita (JMinNJ). John had converted the car to 4 speed from the original automatic and had removed the big bumpers and installed the earlier bumpers. He bought the car out of Pennsylvania a few years earlier and had got it running after it had been sitting for some time. He installed Weber carbs in place of the Strombergs and had the motor professionally tuned. It is pretty well dialed in at the moment and runs well. I have some things to do to it including shocks/struts as well as lower control arms and a rebuild of the cooling system. I could keep at this car for some time if I wanted to be really picky but after a point I just want to drive it for awhile!