Creation date: September 13, 2019
  • Location: Canada

Year: 1972
Color: Sahara (006)
Build Date: February 11th, 1972
Name: Tim Symons
Vehicle Status: Driven

The "Sahara cruiser" was built feb 11, 1972 and shipped to Canada March 15, 1972. It entails the New Six 3.0 engine and the three speed Borg Warner 65 which was rebuilt 3 years prior to this registration. The Vehicle still has the original US model duel Zenith/Solex 35/40 INAT two stage downdraught with exhaust emission control (North America Only) rebuilt 2 years prior to this listing. From my knowledge I am the second proud owner of the Bavaria purchased 2007 and has been a rolling restoration. Asides from a few odds and ends the vehicle has been completed for driving pleasure.