Creation date: May 17, 2019
Modified date: May 17, 2019
  • Location: United States

Year: 1970
Color: Malaga (021)
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad/Other

(craigslist ad - SF Easy Bay) May 2019

Up for sale is a clean, dependable, older FLAGSHIP of the line. Located in the far east bay area. It starts on the first key turn, runs very strong, has ALL of its original equipment and is complete(one exception noted below), alloy wheels, a huge trunk, decent tires, PS, all glass OK, black leather interior with dark red carpeting and dash cover, AM/FM/Cassette, wooden steering wheel & dash detail ... This BMW is a lot of fun to drive, handles really well for being 49 yrs old, has nice pickup from a dead stop -- in short, it's a good daily driver, very reliable. If you're not too worried about gas mileage, you'll enjoy this car, but I suppose you have to have a love of old things, and a healthy disdain for the jelly-bean era of car design !! Reasonable BEST offers considered.
BMW 2800's REAL issues

Now I'm going to dissuade you from buying my car, which I would really like to sell !! In addition to my Craig's List description & pictures, these are some issues which will need attention as soon as possible after you take possession. The temporary ignition switch which I wired in works fine to start the engine, and the steering wheel lock portion still works with the included two keys; I lost the single wire for the windshield wipers somewhere up inside the dash wiring that you'll have to find: The already mentioned weak braking power will be the #1 job to perform to begin driving daily ... the system is complete including both new front calipers, no leaks; no coolant leaks, but the interior heater coil has been capped off in the engine compartment; The factory AC system components have been completely removed from the engine compartment, but the AC blower still works; as does the heater blower; Both spring powered hood hinges have been removed to be able to open the hood further than the hinges allowed; wiper arms are removed, but included; driver's door window will have to be refastened to it's regulator; and lastly, the nasty issue of rust on all four door bottoms, and on the left rear "ear", and of all places, one rust hole at the left side rain gutter on the roof above the left rear door window !

Then there's the faded red malaga paint, old tires, and cracking wooden steering wheel and a somewhat noisy glasspack muffler( no exhaust leaks).

On the better side, it has a smooth, crisp shifting 4 spd, good engine power, soft to push clutch pedal, effortless power steering, perfect headliner, not bad black leather seats, and a $300 dollar red carpet kit with dash cover.
That's it. I wonder if I've missed remembering something? I used to keep on top of all this, but with age comes some laziness, and then one thing turns into 3, and then more after that.

~~Bob in San Francisco