Creation date: January 8, 2019
Modified date: January 8, 2019
  • Location: United States

Year: 1970
Color: Other
Vehicle Status: Driven


Rare 1970 BMW 2800 Sedan E3

Price is negotiable

This car is one of less than 1000 cars imported into the USA in the 1970's. She is a beauty and I love driving quickly through NYC streets.
Some tinkering still needed but overall she is doing great for a 1970's BMW.

Car had two minor accidents and has been in contact with three incompetent mechanics.
I've been fixing their mistakes and it has not been joyous.
I finally located a mechanic who actually knows what they are doing. All information
for the mechanics will be shared. Car is ready to be repainted and enjoyed for 2019. Purchased parts - trim, accessories, and other
pieces are available in the trunk of the car. They were purchased from certified BMW dealers and shipped from Germany. These contacts
will be shared as well because it is very difficult finding parts for these cars and some mechanics had no idea where to search. Except for
the mechanic I am dealing with now.

Initially car reared a tree (due to mechanic on original owners garage).
2nd sideswipe was also due to the incompetent mechanic who left the car outside of his facility. No severe damage to undercarriage or car was done. It was mostly cosmetic and that has been taken care of and the car is ready to be repainted.
Overheated issue fixed 11.30.2018 / gaskets are fine and car has been cleaned out and there are no hydro-carbons found.

Work Completed year to date :

New Tie rod assembly
Center link exc - fabricated derin spacer for center link
Replacement of driveshaft
Universal driveshaft guibo
New guibo hadrdware
New 7.5mm spacers
Thermostat assembly and gasket
Coolant replacement and flush of system
New battery - Added a better battery 12.03.2018
New rear bumper
New muffler and exhaust pipe
New Bosch Ignitor
New filters
New drivers side mirror
New driver side seat belt
New Radiator
Adjustment / Tune carburetors
Replace coil and ignition pickup set vehicle - timing adjust belts and linkage
New alternator
New water pump